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Mobile Fume Extraction Units - Buyer's Guide

What are Mobile Fume Extraction Units?

Mobile Fume Extraction Units are designed for direct source-capture removal of smoke, dust, fumes, and other airborne contaminants from a wide variety of industrial and other applications. They provide welders with effective protection from fumes, whilst having demonstrable flexibility, allowing movement between workstations.

Buyer’s Guide

When considering the performance of a mobile extraction unit, filter capacity and efficiency should be of paramount importance. Even on basic entry level units, the surface area of filters can vary greatly. The larger the filter surface area, the longer the filter service life. Filter efficiency is a key indicator to performance. The Boxair Basic is fitted with a high specification three phase filtration system, comprising of pre-filter, secondary M5 class filter cartridge and a disposable F9 class main compact filter.

Extraction Hoods
Whilst filter efficiency is crucial to a mobile unit, this goes hand-in-hand with the welding fume collection element – the extraction hood.  Oskar Air hoods are aluminium, designed with a built-in air damper, and grab handle for ease of operation.

Extraction Arms
Welders should note the importance of the quality of the arm when purchasing a mobile extraction unit. During the welding process, welders may need to adjust the extraction arm(s) whilst working, it is therefore important to choose a mobile set-up with a self-supporting arm, easily adjustable with one-hand. Arms should be rotatable through 360 degrees. Select an arm length, diameter and flexibility suitable for your workstation requirements, two to three metre arms are typically used.

Mobility and Design
Boxair Mobile Filters offer high-performance, at-source air pollution capture & fume extraction. Whilst being low cost, they are at the same time highly functional, durable and easy to manoeuvre. They are an exemplary range of systems, ideal for entry-level and professional welders alike.

For the ultimate mobile fume capture system, consider the Giant 2. This heavy-duty unit is ideal for more demanding applications where a continual exhaust and filter operation is required. Features include a photosensor start option, in-use cleaning system, triple filtration system, 20 litre compressed air tank and swivel casters with brakes for easy mobility.


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