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Crawlair Mobile Filter Unit

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The  Crawlair mobile cartridge filter unit offers an outstanding mobile fume capture solution with in-built cleaning system.

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The Crawlair Mobile cartridge filter system is designed to extract dry impurities such as fumes or dust at various industrial processes, especially welding, grinding, polishing, cutting of metals or plastics. The  Crawlair unit is equipped with a metal mesh spark trap pre-filter and two high efficiency (99% at 1μm) polyester filters with built-in manual or timer controlled compressed air cartridge cleaning system via the 10-litre built-in tank. Wheels & brakes make the Crawlair easy and simple to move around the workshop.  Additional front air inlet allows connections to other production equipment. As an option Crawlair unit can be equipped with automatic start/stop function and LED light for fume arms.


  • two stage filtration
  • 1,1 kW aluminium impeller fan unit
  • built-in standard compressed air cartridge cleaning system
  • 10 litre compressed air tank
  • waste and dust drawers
  • heavy duty welded and powder coated construction
  • wheels and brakes with full mobility
  • additional inlet on the side

Suitable Applications

  • Crawlair Mobile cartridge filter unit is perfect for dry dust and fume filtration at welding, cutting, grinding, machining, repackaging and many more (excluding corrosive, chemically aggressive and flammable gaseous mixtures)
  • ideal for retrofitting and upgrading production equipment with small dimension dust and fume collection system

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Air Flow


Arm Length

2-3 meter



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