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Modular Filtration System

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The Modular FPM Filter Unit’s construction allows for complete custom configurations tailored to application requirements.

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The FPM modular filtration system has been designed for the collection of non-explosive and chemically non-aggressive dry dusts arising from many industrial processes. Thanks to highly efficient filtering clean air can be returned (depending on type of process) back to production premises.

The filter unit construction features a filter base with dust collection drawers, filter cartridge chamber and a compressed air cartridge cleaning chamber. The exhaust fan can be delivered mounted on top (with or with-in noise proof enclosure) or mounted free standing on the side of the filter unit.

Modular construction allows for custom configurations tailored to any application requirements as well as to conditions of installation site or method of delivery. Modular filter parts are powder coated and galvanized for corrosion protection (anti-static coating also available as a separate option). The configurations are complemented with a selection cartridge filters adequate to the type of air pollutant as well as to airflow capacity.

Though the modular system has been primarily designed for welding smoke, cutting, grinding of metals and plastics, it can be used with many other industrial dry dust applications. For all configurations please don’t hesitate to contact our expert team who would be happy to assist.


  • rigid welded framing with reinforced metal plating
  • powder coat and galvanize corrosion protection
  • vertical filter cartridges
  • compressed air cleaning with tank built-in
  • easy and safe cartridge maintenance
  • large capacity dust drawers

Suitable Applications

  • extraction and purification of air containing dry dusts generated during operations such as welding, grinding, polishing, sifting, milling as well as metal and plastics cutting
  • standard FPM construction for dust collection with exclusion of corrosive, chemically aggressive or explosive contaminants

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FPM 2, FPM 4, FPM 6, FPM 8, FPM 10, FPM 12

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The Modular Filter Unit’s construction allows for complete custom configurations. Please complete your contact details and we will get back to you shortly to discuss your requirements.