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S-1000 Welding Table with Extraction Unit

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These welding tables speak for themselves, with high-performance extraction built in and fume arm ready.

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The S-1000 welding table is a work station pre-equipped with air pollution capture and exhaust devices. The S-1000 table frame, made of heavy duty square profiles, features built-in downdraft exhaust, fume arm connection inlet and the ZWR-03 aluminum radial impeller fan unit. Downdraft exhaust and fume arm individual dampers allow airflow adjustments as the fan unit exhausts air pollution through discharge route. The surface of the S-1000 welding table has been coated with a conductive corrosion protection and grounding points on the left or right side of the table frame. The S-1000 welding table complete sets are supplied with a revolving table for more productive work on smaller elements.


  • 1000 m3/h airflow
  • 0,75 kW aluminium radial impeller fan unit
  • rigid, heavy duty, welded steel construction
  • downdraft with-in the table surface
  • easy to adjust airflow with two built in dampers (within the arm and table)
  • revolving table on the table surface
  • all parts powder coated (except for work surface)

Suitable Applications

  • heavy duty workbench with two exhausts for welding, cutting, grinding and many more for those who require reliable and long operational lifetime equipment
  • air pollution capture with downdraft and within range of fume arm

S1000 Welding Table - Technical and Catalogue Data