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Telescopic Extraction Arms

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Telescopic extraction arms are designed as a cost-effective method of capturing airborne contaminants in less demanding applications.

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These telescopic fume extraction arms have been designed for work in small, confined spaces, especially with low ceiling clearance. The telescopic arm’s unique construction means it has a low number of internal mechanisms aside from an internal air flow damper (no damper model available). The telescopic arm is constructed from cast aluminium joints and tubular sections which move and rotate within each other and does not require any counterweight to operate. Smooth tube design allows the lowest pressure drop as well as low noise levels. The robust construction means a remarkable long product lifetime and low maintenance requirements. All adjustments can be made on the outside of the arm allowing for any telescoping arm tension corrections without stopping air exhaust, contact with polluted air stream or fume arm interior.


  • all adjustments made externally
  • aluminium hood with air diverter
  • ergonomic grab handle around the hood
  • built-in air damper as standard
  • PVC flexible hoses (temp. resistant up to 80°C)

Suitable Applications

  • schools, repair and maintenance, production lines, welding booths
  • Local air pollution capture excluding chemically aggressive air pollution

Additional information

Arm Diameter (mm)

160 mm

Arm Length (m)

1.4m, 1.7m, 2.5m

Air Flow Range (m3/hr)

1000 – 14000

Temperature Resistance


160mm Telescopic Extraction Arm (1.4m) PDF


160mm Telescopic Extraction Arm (1.7m) PDF


160mm Telescopic Extraction Arm (2.5m) PDF


160mm Telescopic Extraction Arm Catalogue Data